Aylin is the heart of our brand, literally. With her vision and unmistakable aesthetics, she controls our brand and design identity. Fun fact: she runs the Instagram account herself.

Despite the fact that Aylin's office (and head) is often a small, creative chaos, she never loses focus and manages to create a nice (working) atmosphere with the right balance of head and heart.

A founder who not only loves fashion, but also always shares her love of life with her team and, with her contagious nature, always creates funny and unforgettable moments.


As a designer, Bea rummages through the deepest fashion archives, always looking for the coolest ideas, design elements and colors for our new collections. Together in the design and production team, we then bring these ideas to life.

Bea is a warm and communicative person. Her open and empathetic nature always makes you feel very welcome and in good hands in our team.


Chiara mainly supports purchasing with recaps, research, orders and invoices with her feel for trends and her strength for numbers.

Chiara is rock solid! With her calm and courteous nature, she effortlessly masters every task and challenge in the design and shopping areas and with her sure sense of fashion is quite rightly the namesake of our bestseller this summer.


Lou is our dynamic working student in the office. She mainly supports the areas of design and marketing. She is bubbling with ideas and realized the first Instagram reels for our brand.

Lou is our honey cake horse. She is funny, warm and always has a good saying on her lips.


Nina is the best store manager and responsible for our customer service.

Nina is not only the mother of the team and an outstanding store manager, she always has an open ear for her fellow human beings and always keeps a cool head even in difficult situations in order to meet customer wishes. You can rely on her social vein and harmonious cooperation 24/7.


Nisa is our Head of Buying, Sourcing and Production and has the coolest materials in her archive.

Nisa has a high 'material knowledge' - without her our fabrics wouldn't be half as cool. But never mess with her... ;-)

Nisa is the bundle of energy in the team, she lives her job and is always passionate about what she does. Her temper and love for the cause are known beyond national borders and have also left a lasting impression in Italy and Portugal. Sunshine or thunderstorms - Nisa is undeterred and casts a spell over everyone with her passion.


Summer our four-legged mascot. Everyone loves her but she loves nobody!

She always has the perfect mood to ignore everyone unless she wants to be petted or fed. She is the boss at the Alter Wall store in downtown Hamburg and is regularly greeted by everyone.


If our token were a ship, Tobi would be the captain. Not only does he have a tight grip on our numbers, but he also keeps an eye on the overall well-being of the whole team.

Tobi is an absolute harmonious person, even in highly stressful situations his motto is "We can do everything!"

Tobi, our only rooster in the basket. He is the contact person and good soul for everything! He would drop everything for his office girls and always keeps an eye on the administrative work!