Cashmere wool is known to be one of the highest quality types of wool. It impresses with its cozy warmth and elegant look, especially in winter. The soft and very fine cashmere fibers are obtained from the fur of cashmere goats. In addition to being comfortable to wear, cashmere wool scores with other properties that underline its exclusive character: 

  • in winter, cashmere wool warms particularly well (6x better than sheep's wool) because the gaps store heat perfectly
  • moisture is quickly absorbed and transported to the outside - at the same time cashmere is water-repellent
  • cashmere fibers very flexible. If it creases, it quickly returns to its original shape, which is why there is no need to iron it
  • at the same time, cashmere is dirt-repellent and hardly absorbs odors
  • cashmere fibers are has very fine, thus they neither itch nor fuzz