The brand by Aylin Koenig was founded in 2018 by Aylin Freund and her husband Tobias Freund. The name Koenig is a stage name and the maiden name of Aylin's mother.
Effortless cool - that is our philosophy and the essential basic idea with which we develop every new collection and every single style. Clear, reduced lines make our styles timeless - but always with a certain twist, a little wink that puts them in the here and now. Knitwear in all its facets - knitwear made in Italy is the heart of every collection right from the start. Our focus here is on natural materials and high quality - for favorite clothing that will accompany you for a long time. 


A lot of effort and dedication goes into the selection of yarns and fabrics, as they not only determine the look and feel, but also the durability of our styles. Whenever possible, we opt for sustainable options - for example by using recycled cashmere, recycled cotton, lyocell and Ecovero viscose. For our yarns and fabrics, we rely on natural materials from suppliers in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Turkey. We obtain these together with our production facilities or directly from trade fairs.
Our production facilities are located in Italy and Portugal and are all traditional companies, many of them in family hands for generations. It is a special feeling to often work with contacts who have the same name as the company itself. Our sustainable leather capsule collection is manufactured by a certified premium leather supplier in Turkey.


The first permanent by Aylin Koenig store opened in summer 2021 at Alter Wall 12 in Hamburg. The magnificent old building facade in the heart of Hamburg next to the town hall in combination with the natural interior elements and the timeless designs of our collections fit together harmoniously and are intended to create a feel-good shopping experience. Since September 2022, the store is shining in new splendor and new size - in the same place on 400 square meters and two floors.

In addition to our Hamburg store and our own online shop, we are also represented online and offline with selected retail partners.

In an interview with FashionUnited Aylin reports on the creation and current developments of the label.

Effortless cool – the way we love it and hope you'll love it too!
by Aylin Koenig